What Our Esteemed Guests Says

Kamineni Srinivas

-Minister for Health and Medical Education (2016)

KAB Educational Consultants is a household name in Andhra Pradesh. Through its annual KAB Education Fair in Vijayawada and Vizag, KAB has been doing great service to the students by assisting them in the choice of best courses and colleges based on their EAMCET/ICET ranks. Through its wide network, KAB brings together reputed educational institutions on one common platform for the benefit of students. Parents and students need not waste their precious time going to each college. They can come here and learn about the courses each institute offers before making choices. One need not go by peer pressure or family pressure. Whether you take traditional course or an emerging course, weigh the pros and cons before deciding one.

Sri Kadiam Srihari

-Hon'ble Dy. Chief Minister Telangana (2015)

Telangana is home to many world class institutions like IIT Hyderabad, Indian School of Business and BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Over the years, KAB Education Fair hosted by KAB Educational Consultants in the month of June has been drawing lot of students and their parents. From Students, who have passed Class X to students, who have passed B.Tech, visit this Fair to learn about the courses and opportunities. Also to listen to what the corporates are looking for. Students must make the best use of the institutions present at the Fair and know what they offer before making their choices.

Sri Malla Reddy

-Member of Parliament (2014)

East or West India is the Best. Arm yourself with good education that will take you places. KAB Educational Consultants has brought together a lot of world class educational institutions at one place for its annual KAB Education Fair. It is now the duty of the students to find out what courses interest them and what to study. Many academicians are here to clear your doubts. Whatever course you study, give your 101% to it. If at crossroads, Students must take the assistance of counselors to obtain clarity.

Dr. D. Purandeshwari

-Hon'ble Union Minister, New Delhi (2013)

Our country is bestowed with intelligent students. They need to be chiseled and shown the right path. KAB Educational Consultants is a torchbearer in this effort. Every year they organise KAB Education Fair for the benefit of lakhs of students, who after passing Class XII/Intermediate are ready to undertake professional education. Through its Fair, KAB educates students and their parents on the new-age courses and traditional courses. If your education is right, then you are invincible. The next generation must lead the country forward by their education and ideas.

Sri Ponnala Laxmaiah

-Minister for IT & Communications, AP (2012)

With many technological colleges in the State, industrialists here have a lot of opportunity to mentor students and train them as per their requirement. In this endeavor, KAB Educational Consultants helps the students through its annual Educational Fairs. It invites industrialists, corporates and senior academicians to address the students and their parents. In this session, students and their parents can clear their misconceptions and opportunities about the industry and the course. Better informed Students and Parents make better choices.

Prof. Dr. K. Nageshwar Rao

-Member of AP Legislative Council (2011)

Come June and everyone looks forward to the KAB Education Fair. KAB Educational Consultants under the leadership of Mr. K Venkatesh puts together reputed educational institutions on one platform thus helping the student community to satiate their inquisitiveness on a course and a college. KAB also helps students by predicting probable colleges and courses based on their EAMCET/ICET ranks. Kudos to KAB!

Dr. K. Rosaiah

-Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh (2010)

Thanks to KAB Educational Consultants, students of the State are benefitting from the KAB Education Fair, which has become a regular phenomenon in our state. During our times, we had no Education Fair, and there were limited opportunities and courses. Mr. K Venkatesh is doing a yeoman service to students by brining renowned universities and colleges under one roof. Students and parents must garner as much information as possible before making any choice.

Smt. Sabitha Indra Reddy

-Home Minister, Andhra Pradesh (2009)

KAB Education Fair has been doing good to the students and their parents. By bringing all educational institutions under one roof, KAB is giving an opportunity to students to clear their doubts directly from the representatives of the institute. This Fair not only attracts students pursuing undergraduate courses, but is also a window to Class X students. Students and parents present here must fully avail the opportunity the Fair offers.

Prof. A.V. Krishnam Raju

- Vice Chancellor, NTRUHS, Vijayawada, AP (2008)

Over the years, Education has changed tremendously. There are regular courses like Engineering and Medicine, Law and Management. But with the introduction of new age courses like Fashion, Beauty and Interior Designing, we need fairs like KAB Education Fair to educate students and their parents on the plethora of courses available to students and which college offers what. Students and parents must visit every stall here and learn about the courses, colleges and its future.

Sri R. Chenga Reddy

-Minister for Technical Education, AP (2007)

Technology is the need of the hour. We need educated and brilliant minds to strive for a better and brighter India. I appreciate the efforts being put by KAB Educational Consultants to help the young boys and girls make intelligent choices in the field of education. By organizing the KAB Education Fair, Mr. K Venkatesh is trying to nurture the next generation by helping and educating them to make right career choices.

Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy

- Minister for State for Mines, Govt. of India (2006)

Vidya or education will help the children to go places. KAB Educational Consultants is hosting the third KAB Education Fair this year and I already see that there are many enthusiasts waiting to gather information on courses and colleges. India needs a large educated youth fraternity to take the country forward in all fields of development.

Dr. YS Rajashekhar Reddy

- Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh (2005)

Education is an important part of development. It helps the youth to satiate their appetite for knowledge. KAB Educational Consultants is doing an enormous service to the student community by bringing together a host of educational institutions under one roof. The students of our State can benefit from this as it will help them to learn about the various courses and its job opportunities.

Sri T. Hanuman Chowdary

-Advisor, IT, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (2004)

KAB Education Consultants has opened the doors of opportunity to the student community across the state of Andhra Pradesh by organizing the KAB Education Fair. The Fair is an eye-opener on various courses, streams and colleges in the State. It will help students and their parents in zeroing in on courses. Students can learn about the courses and colleges where they can study depending on their EAMCET rank from the Fair.

Mr. Ravi Prakash


KAB Education Fair is a programme where students benefit and I am happy to be associated with KAB in this regard.

Dr. M.D. Christopher

Ex - Secretary, APSCHE.

The probability given by KAB is very useful to students for analysing the chances of getting seat in the preferred colleges.

Dr. K.C. Reddy

Ex-Chairman - APSCHE

A pioneer in education, KAB Educational Consultants, has been guiding students for the past 10 years. It has also been successfully conducting educational fairs annually, which is a useful career guidance programme for all students who have passed Intermediate.

Dr. D.N. Reddy

Vice Chancellor - JNTU-H

KAB Education Fair is a good platform for students seeking information about colleges and courses. The advisory at the Fair helps students to make right and intelligent choices.

Sri M.V. Ramana

Ex-Minister , A.P.

Every year Engineering, Medical, Dental aspirants and their parents visit the KAB Education Fair to learn about the courses and colleges.